Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sachin Tendulkar asks first ever address in Rajya Sabha in 3 years

Sachin Tendulkar, considered one of the world's best batsmen to ever play the round of cricket, has indicated comparable commitment to his part as a selected individual from the Rajya Sabha. Tendulkar, who has for the most part been missing from the Parliament is known not give it a second thought and capable towards his obligations as MP. In the progressing winter session of Parliament which closes today, Tendulkar has asked upwards of seven inquiries to the house in a fortnight. This is likewise the first run through his inquiries have been chosen to be asked to the house since he being named as an individual from Parliament in 2012 by Congress drove UPA government. Tendulkar stayed to be missing from the House when his questions were being replied through composed answers. Additionally READ: Sachin Tendulkar asks first ever address in Rajya Sabha in 3 years

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Tendulkar so far has just gone to 13 days out the 235 days since he joined Rajya Sabha, totaling to 12 sessions in political terms. He was as of late incorporated into a standing board of trustees on data innovation, headed by BJP MP Anurag Thakur, this is likewise his first arrangement in any panel. Tendulkar so far is yet to go to any meeting of the advisory group and was likewise not a piece of the five-day study voyage through the North-East done by the same board of trustees. He has dependably been addressed for his absence of appearances in the Rajya Sabha by kindred individuals from the Parliament.

Flip-side of this is Tendulkar is additionally among the best-performing assigned legislators with regards to using stores under the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS). Tendulkar has contributed 98 for every penny of his MPLADS reserves, making designations for surge help in Jammu and Kashmir and Tamil Nadu and revamping a school and connect in Chamoli in the repercussions of the Uttarakhand surges. Additionally READ: Sachin Tendulkar gets some information about new Motor Vehicles Act; Government reacts

Tendulkar had kept in touch with junior Statistics and Program Implementation Minister VK Singh on December 14 conferring Rs 50 lakh from his MPLADS asset to Tamil Nadu alleviation